Coca-Cola Journey

Posted by on October 24th, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to hear Ashley Brown, Group Director of Digital Communications and Social Media at The Coca-Cola Company speak at the PRWeek Annual Conference. For a PR professional, like me, it was both scary and inspiring at the same time.

Coke, a behemoth organization, took such a risk with its communications function that it has made me rethink what is possible.  Coke’s corporate website? Gone! Microsites? Never to be created again! Coke’s PR professionals? They are content creators! Coke’s press releases? Reduced in half with the goal of eliminating them completely.

Everything that we’ve come to know about PR was replaced by Coca-Cola Journey. Journey is Coke’s corporate story telling mechanism. Go there! You would think you are checking out a very consumer-oriented news site… It kind of is, but it’s much more. It is Coke’s new way of creating content that showcases the Company’s values, priorities, and…. Oh yea, products!

Coke isn’t the only one taking this approach to communications. Nissan is doing something similar. They have actually created a video news studio on their campus in Japan.

Public relations and corporate communications doesn’t need to be just the bucket of ‘same old’ tactics we are used to. It can and should be great story telling.