Corporate Internet Video is Here

Posted by on May 28th, 2010

Anyone in communications advocates that content is king, and many industry leaders have been touting that Internet video is a key communications tool. However, many brands believed that Internet video was a tactic to target only consumers, until recently.

With the expansion of the Wall Street Journal Digital Video Network and the launch of Reuters Insider (coined “YouTube for Traders” by the New York Times), business-to-business online video is coming into its own as a corporate reputation tool.

How should companies use video?

• Be transparent: The best use of Internet video is when a company speaks openly and honestly to its core constituencies. Check out a recent InvestorTube video with CEO of ANTS Software
• Be simple: Producing a video doesn’t have to be flashy. Rather it just needs to be a forum to communicate your key messages to your audience. Check out Mark Zuckerberg’s recent video about the new Facebook privacy settings
• Be concise: Attention spans online are short so keep your videos brief. Think about an inverted pyramid and make sure your most important messages are at the beginning. Check out Amazon’s CEO discussing the Company