Diary of an IPO: Glancee – Another Facebook Acquisition

Posted by on May 7th, 2012

It was just reported that Facebook has made yet another acquisition, and  this time it’s “for an undisclosed amount.”  I’m not sure why they’re being so secretive  since it certainly can’t be more than the $1 billion acquisition of Instagram or $550 million acquisition of former AOL patents from Microsoft.

The acquisition I am referring to is that of mobile app, Glancee, which allows users of Apple iOS and Android devices to sign into Facebook and then socialize with others nearby who have similar interests.

In its S-1, Facebook made it clear that mobile will be part of its growth strategy.  But, that’s as far as the S-1 goes in discussing how it intends to monetize mobile.  As a soon to be public company, this is what is going to be relevant to the company’s shareholders – they can’t keep beating around the bush.

Where do I think Facebook might be going? In terms of monetization and the mobile strategy, it looks like Facebook will have to move past just being an app (albeit an app with 900 million users).  Google controls Android devices; Apple controls iPhones and iPads – so where does this leave Facebook?  Any chance it may acquire flailing RIM’s Blackberry empire and really establish itself as one of the 21st Century technology behemoths?

Stay tuned . . .