Field trips as an intern? Sign me up! One KCSA intern shares his adventure…

Posted by on August 29th, 2017

By Luis Miguel Hodgens

Working at KCSA this summer has allowed for immense individual growth. After working on various projects for a handful of clients across a plethora of industries, I soon realized I am more inclined toward the financial services industry. I’ve been very lucky to work directly with KCSA Senior Account Executive Emma for the greater part of my internship. She identified my interest in some of the finance-related clients and thus tailored tasks that would allow me to do research in those areas. It is because of this that my experience at Bloomberg was so unforgettable. Our tour of the Bloomberg headquarters was definitely one of the highlights of the summer.

Pamela Roux, a global valuation manager on the Billionaires team at Bloomberg, took two hours out of her busy schedule as to give the KCSA PR intern team a tour of the organization’s imposing headquarters in NYC. Our team consisted of Tori, a senior at West Virginia University, Amanda, a fellow College of the Holy Cross student, and myself. In that short amount of time, we were exposed to what felt like every single facet of Bloomberg. After getting our visitor passes issued, we proceeded to The Link: a multi-story tall bridge that connects Bloomberg’s two office towers. Here we met Pam and Justin, a writer and analyst for the Billionaires team. We proceeded to ask Justin about his day-to-day tasks, as well as the nature of their research on the world’s richest people. Justin explained how the Billionaires team uses a set of programs developed by Pam to accurately assess the extent of people’s assets and allowed them to develop the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. Following the quick Q&A, we proceeded to the official tour.

What struck me the most was how Bloomberg’s “transparency” motto, is perpetuated throughout the building and its very structure. The work culture at Bloomberg is based around the concept of transparency and, from the writers’ offices to the TV recording studios, everything was open for everyone to see. This allowed for great exposure as to how each department works every day and was the most surprising aspect of the whole tour. However, after thinking about this work culture in more depth I realized that it actually makes a lot of sense. By transparency, Bloomberg does not just mean that the writers and staff should write ethical and well-thought out articles with the substantiated facts to support their claims, but it literally means the condition of being transparent with each other and fostering trust. This is of immense importance for a news agency of Bloomberg’s stature.

The KCSA Bloomberg Field Trip

The KCSA Bloomberg Field Trip

As I shared with you before, I have a predisposition to the financial industry and therefore being at the Bloomberg headquarters was nothing short of a dream come true. This was a great experience and overall an unforgettable internship. I want to thank Emma once more for scheduling this tour, and for being a great mentor.