Passion Holds the Key to Success

Posted by on September 25th, 2012

Consider what makes a Company tick? What’s that secret sauce to growing those tiny micro-cap companies to fruition?

Can it be talented people? A steady market? Great technology? Yes – it is definitely all those things. But, one tiny factor that causes big waves is passion. Once sprinkled on, all these things produce a winning combination for success.

For example, since I started at  KCSA, I’ve been working with a small software technology Company that’s struggled to swim with its peers in the public markets. It went public in 1992 and has since changed its name and CEO . The new CEO stepped in in 2008  and, since his entrance and  KCSA’s retention, the Company and its stock price have grown tremendously. How, do you ask, did this Company miraculously turn itself around?

It wasn’t the talented people. That was already there. The steady market? Well in 2008, let’s just say our market was anything but steady. The technology? Still the same, but with a more streamlined approach.

I would argue it had something to do with the CEO’s contagious passion. While management teams are replaced countless times due to all sorts of problems, they don’t always bounce back and in many cases, it becomes an impossible feat. For this little software tech up and comer, this wasn’t the case.

A little background on the CEO of this Company… he had several careers before joining: he found success as he climbed the ranks of one of the first Israeli companies to join the elite on the NASDAQ, subsequently grew another tiny, distressed software company to be acquired for more than double it’s worth, and was then ready to retire and raise his SEVEN grandchildren (and possibly help his son start his own business on the side). However his passion and vested interest in these tiny high tech Companies in dire need led him to assume a leadership position  he knows so well. As a senior citizen, he has more stride and unwavering dedication than most young, successful business leaders.

This clearly had nothing to do with the generous monetary gains that come with the position. Here we see a successful man with a big family and every means in the world to retire, but he just loves what he does.

His passion resonated with the Company. Everyone felt it from the top, down, causing a ripple effect, and quite the response from shareholders. With the help of this man, the Company returned to the NASDAQ Capital Market, after being delisted to the OTC Bulletin Board, and he has inspired confidence in the Company and pushed it toward its 7th consecutive quarter of growth.

As IR communications professionals, we all run into the routine of providing similar services to our many clients. But this client was different from all the rest. I found myself working extra hard and staying long hours to complete jobs for them, without even realizing. I succumbed to the CEO’s contagious passion and did what I noticed everyone else seemed to be doing at the Company – working their absolute best to keep moving forward and reaching our goals.

Now, this isn’t a tell-tale method that works for every company. But with the right ingredients (see above) and a blazing streak of passion running throughout, there really is no better way to succeed, in life, whether you’re a CEO of a company or an entrepreneur trying to make it. Doing what you love opens the right doors, indefinitely.