Social Media and Its Professional Impact

Posted by on September 20th, 2012

Before I graduated college and began working at KCSA, I used social media solely as a way to keep up with friends. I didn’t think about all the ways that social media could impact life outside of my personal circle. After spending more time learning the tricks of the social media trade, I realized there was a lot I was missing out on by not stepping out of the box. So here are a few very important ways that I’ve learned to use social media:

1. Customer service

I have seen more and more people take to Twitter and Facebook to get their customer service problems solved. If someone is happy or unhappy with a product, getting heard is as easy enough as tweeting at the company or writing on the company’s Facebook wall. I think we have all had those days when you are on hold with customer service representatives for hours at a time only to be transferred, and transferred again, before your call eventually gets dropped. Social media takes a lot of the frustration out of customer service, as one post can usually get you a company representative asking what they can do to help

2. Branding

Over the last few months I have begun to get more of a feel for how companies want to be portrayed. You can use social media posts to tell how companies want their customers and potential customers to see them. Facebook and Twitter are great ways to promote your business and your message is in your own hands since you oversee and operate your social pages.

3. Promoting a good cause

This includes Facebook and Twitter campaigns and contests that give back to the community. Long gone are the days when you collect soda tabs or box tops to make a difference, now it is as easy as the click of a “like” button on Facebook or a “retweet” button on Twitter. Companies everywhere are implementing campaigns where your clicks can promote real change.

4. Political awareness

Social media is clearly playing a key role in upcoming election.  Both Romney and Obama are taking their thoughts to Twitter and Facebook and using the networks to get their platforms out to the people. Not everyone is willing to sit through debates and conventions, and social media is making it easier for people to feel as if they are really connected to the race without having to catch every speech.

Social media is a lot more than just a place to share pictures with your friends; it has become an online community that makes it easier to reach all your business goals from customer service to community service.