Steal This Blog

Posted by on February 10th, 2012

stblogIf you’re wondering why I’m advising you to steal something I wrote, you haven’t been paying attention to the complete 180 that has happened in marketing. Here are the top 5 reasons to get on the bus.

  1. If you can remember the revolution, you weren’t really there
    If you’re still talking about the change that’s coming and how your brand will meet the challenges ahead, then the revolution has quite literally passed you by.  Brands that are thriving are not talking about social media and mobile and how information wants to be free, they are living it.  Leverage every communications vehicle available and let natural selection and a good dashboard sort out what works.
  2. You trust no one under 30
    If you think Facebook is just for twenty-somethings until they grow up and get real jobs; if you think Twitter is a stupid name for a company; if you’re nostalgic for the good old days when the tools in your marketing bag were managing your SKUs and your GRPs and figuring out how many pages to buy in The Wall Street Journal this year; your competition has already stolen your market share and is probably tweeting about it right now.  80% of Fortune 100 companies use social media.  Get on the bus already.  This stuff is officially not a fad.
  3. You make content, not copy
    Customers, both B2C and B2B, no longer demand value from what they are watching and reading, they’re just going to ignore you if you don’t deliver it and find someone who does.  Brands with content that informs, entertains,and draws people in will get customers to listen to them…once.  The brands that have figured out how to dialogue with customers and keep their content always, always, always new and interesting will keep them… for now.  We have to earn our customers’ loyalty every day.
  4. The revolution will not be televised, it’s on YouTube
    If you think your brand is “different” and won’t really work in social media, on mobile or on YouTube, you’re wrong and you’ve just surrendered to the competition.  Consumers have moved on to a diversity of environments and information consumption patterns that change before the ink is dry on a media plan.  Marketing strategies must dynamically adapt, or die.
  5. I’ll let you be in my content if I can be in yours
    Content ownership has not just become a quaint old fashioned concept, it has become irrelevant.  When I retweet you, you link to me, I comment on your post, you follow my blog and so on.  The new world order rewards sharing behavior.  The silent hand of the information free market drives up the value of what we say and do, and both of our brands grow stronger among our audiences as a result.  It’s not just nice to share, it’s best practice SEO.

Activate your brand’s presence in social and mobile, even as these outlets continue to define themselves.  When your brand leads the charge in digital for your category, you will be setting the standard, not adapting to your competitors.  Post on a wall, link in and tweet out.