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CEOs’ Fear of Twitter – Why This Platform Can Be Friend Not Foe

Posted by on September 26th, 2012

Today’s Wall Street Journal ran a piece titled “140 Characters of Risk: Some CEOs Fear Twitter,” which I found particularly interesting. The article notes that “While many companies have taken to Twitter, their executives avoid it for fear of making public missteps. Still, some are attempting to navigate the world of social media with aplomb.” […]

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Put your Name on it!

Posted by on January 25th, 2012

Stop Hiding Behind the Anonymous I’m a huge fan of the media. I believe in its power, its vital role in a civil society and the need for free and unfettered speech. The vast majority of my professional career has been working in and around the media. For years I’ve watched the growth of social […]

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KCSA Secures Spotlight Opportunities on CNBC for Public Company Clients

Posted by on June 21st, 2011

At KCSA we pride ourselves on providing our clients with truly strategic and integrated communications programs – investor relations, public relations and marketing services – and delivering results that speak directly to the business and financial community. Over the past month, our team of financial media specialists has secured numerous high profile placements for our […]

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Three Weeks in One

Posted by on April 18th, 2011

Adweek Absorbs Its Sister Pubs Brandweek and Mediaweek The consolidation of Brandweek and Mediaweek into Adweek (as reported in today’s WSJ) has been a long time coming. As a subscriber to all three, I’ve watched for years as each publication got smaller and smaller until they were meager pamphlet-sized issues that should have been called […]

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Why I left behind my sweet journalism gig…

Posted by on January 18th, 2011

I had an imaginative boss, a decent salary and time to work on magazine features. My employer was an aggressive pursuer of audiences on the Internet and television, so I had a spot as a panelist on a television show and a blog. Why leave? Yes, to finish a book, but why become a communications […]

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