This 160-Year Old Company is Becoming a New Media Content Pioneer

Posted by on September 21st, 2015

When you think of the brand Burberry, it’s likely that you don’t think of Snapchat or Apple Music… yet surprisingly, this 160-year-old brand is one of the top fashion houses successfully leveraging social media.

Case in point: This Sunday, Burberry unveiled its new collection on Snapchat before its London fashion show. When it comes to other social media channels, the luxury fashion house was one of the first to embrace Instagram and Twitter (today it has more 4.6 million Twitter followers). Burberry also recently launched a channel on Apple Music.

However, what has really struck a chord with me is a video the Company just launched to show how its custom scarves are made. A Burberry scarf is a piece of the brand that is accessible to the masses due to its price point and wide retail availability. A video about the Burberry scarf, therefore, has built-in mass appeal.

The two-minute clip shows the art and tradition behind the making of this iconic product and tells the story in a way that fans want to consume it – via video. AdFreak’s Angela Natividad phrases it best: “So, whether you dig this ad or not, we like that it represents a step in this direction: It doesn’t just educate people about the history of one brand and one scarf; it cultivates an interest that might carry over to everything we invite into our lives.”

The takeaway: Even the most sophisticated brands can and should be embracing new channels to talk to current and future customers. When it comes to video – the king of content – telling bits and pieces of your brand story in visual ways creates stronger connections. Don’t try to cram your whole brand story into two minutes; do focus on bits and pieces of it to keep people coming back for more.