What You Might Not Know about KCSA’s Corporate Culture

Posted by on May 9th, 2013

Read this firm’s blog and you’ll get a sense of the work we do at KCSA.

You’ll learn about market trends and the changing social media landscape, how emerging technologies and ever-evolving platforms continue to change the face of communicating corporate messages.

But there’s something you’re missing. It’s something that—as I prepare to leave the firm to pull a career 180—I feel uniquely qualified to explain. The people here are special.

I imagine that every office is fueled by a love-hate relationship with its corporate characters. There’s the guy you can count on to spend thirty minutes talking about last night’s workout and the woman who persistently forgets her keys. There’s the detail-oriented manager and the laid-back coworker who’s getting ready for happy hour by lunch.

That’s all, more or less, true here. And KCSA isn’t perfect.

But as I’m cleaning out my snack drawer and preparing to leave, I’m struck by an unavoidable truth: despite our –isms and idiosyncrasies, the people here are kind. Good. Smart. They care about their clients and they care about their work. They stay late to finish projects and wake up early to triple-check. And they like each other. They laugh in conference rooms and dance at each other’s weddings and bring you along when they buy their first puppy.

If you are lucky enough to work with the folks at KCSA—as a client, partner, co-collaborator, or team member—know that you’re not just working with a firm. You’re working with some pretty great people who actually want you to succeed.

People I’m shamelessly and nostalgically and mushily unafraid to admit I will truly miss.

Enjoy their work and enjoy their company.