Why I Have the Best Job in the World

Posted by on May 16th, 2012

I’m a restless kind of person, someone who likes the “new” regularly.  That’s why working in public relations is perfect for me.

Unlike many other jobs, Public Relations, specifically agency PR, requires you to be able to balance many different tasks at the same time.  It’s like spinning plates.  Learning to pitch a reporter, write a press release, staff a conference call, write a new business proposal, manage staff and handle a budget, all while trying to be strategic and effective on EVERYTHING at one time.

While I love the energy that it takes to do this job, what I love the most is the learning.  Every single day I learn something new from my clients, the media and my colleagues.  This past Friday I got to experience something that I’ve wanted to do for years; and thanks to Jeff Carter from Eyelock, I was able to attend TEDxEast.  Now for those of you who are not familiar with TED, this is an annual conference of the world’s brightest and most interesting people talking about the things that turn them on.  This isn’t a commercial event where people are pitching products and services; rather this is a moment in time where you have a chance to listen to some of the smartest people in the world talking about their areas of research, the latest play they are working on, a piece of music you’ve never heard of before or a new piece of technology that will change the world.

If you can’t attend a TED event you can watch the talks (they aren’t speeches) online on the TED website.  Over the years I’ve watched and shared many of them with my friends, family, clients and co-workers on everything from Fois Gras to breakthrough ideas around leadership.  But last Friday I was able to attend in person.  And the event did not disappoint.

Clearly, I thought Jeff’s talk on the future of identity and its links to financial services and biometrics was the most interesting.  But there were many other talks that I got A LOT out of.  Helen Avery’s talk on the science of love was fascinating.  I thought that the Jane Comfort and Company dance piece,“Excerpt from Beauty,” was a brilliant look into what women go through, from a psychological perspective, to look good.  Finally, a talk on the science of disgust by Dr. David Pizarro had some amazing lessons that marketers can use to drive consumer behaviors.

The best part about the evening was that I was able to bring one of my colleagues along who also loved the TED experience.  And this was for WORK.  How cool is that?

This is just one of the cooler things I’ve done for this job… add in traveling to China with Jacque Cousteau’s grandson to look at a the client’s organic tilapia farm, to helping another client attempt to bring a case before the Supreme Court of the United States and I’ve gotten paid to do some very cool stuff.

If you love to learn, never want to get bored in your job and want to be continually challenged to communicate effectively, I can think of no better career than public relations.