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Public Relations Case Study

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Build fund manager’s brand to increase assets under management


Stanley J.G. Crouch had recently joined Aegis Capital as its Chief Investment Officer. He is a “contrarian” economist with beliefs firmly rooted in economic history and math. Looking to generate awareness of his thinking, expose his engagement by Aegis and increase assets under management by investors, Aegis retained KCSA to put into place an eminence building public relations campaign.

Leverage “contrarian” economic viewpoints in eminence building PR campaign.


KCSA worked closely with Crouch and his team to define his core values and articulate his unique value proposition and investment strategies. Crouch routinely generated macroeconomic content as well as “news of the day” content which KCSA offered to and placed with top-tier business and financial media.

Top-tier business and financial media to increase assets under management.


Within two weeks of being retained, KCSA placed Crouch on both CNBC and Fox Business twice. During the course of the relationship, KCSA secured 2 to 4 weekly interviews (print, online, broadcast) and established relationships with key reporters in top tier outlets. KCSA secured a weekly column for Crouch in which he “covers” topics including global finance, industry trends, and wealth management.

KCSA arranged for Crouch to be a regular contributor on