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Investor Relations Case Study

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Properly navigate the IPO process and embark on a successful investor relations program


Diamondback Energy (NASDAQ: FANG) retained KCSA to help it prepare for its IPO and establish an investor relations program based on best practices. Senior management had extensive industry experience, but had never served in a public-facing capacity. Not only was it imperative for management to be prepared for its IPO roadshow, but it was equally important that they be prepared for what to expect in the aftermarket in the high-stakes energy industry.


Guided by IPO One, KCSA's proprietary platform designed to help companies navigate the IPO process, KCSA worked closely with Diamondback to prepare for its roadshow. KCSA conducted a series of messaging, presentation and Q&A training sessions to ensure that management was on message and able to deliver a compelling story to the investment community. While the investment bankers were doing their function, KCSA put into place a robust post-IPO IR program, including the creation of an IR website, fielding investor inquiries, preparing for quarterly earnings and conducting non-deal roadshows.


Diamondback Energy successfully completed its IPO. During the first twelve months as a public company, the Company's stock increased almost 185%, making it one of the top performing energy IPOs. The Company currently boasts 17 covering analysts and consistently participates in Wall Street sponsored conferences. Diamondback has taken advantage of the skills and knowledge it gained during IPO One™ to execute an investor relations program based on best practices.

FANG share price went from $17.50 at IPO to over $50 in less than 12 months.