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Brand Marketing Case Study

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Modernizing the traditional annual report with an interactive design and mobile distribution


Every year Espirito Santo Investment Bank based in Lisbon, Portugal created a lengthy detailed annual report that they sent to more than 500 investors. A substantial amount of time and planning went into this initiative and the Bank was unsure if a printed annual report was the optimal distribution method for reaching investors.


Given the constant changes in technology and the way individuals consume information, KCSA recommended that Espirito Santo create an interactive annual report that would demonstrate the bank's forward thinking approach to marketing while telling the bank's story in a dynamic way. In addition, KCSA advised Espirito Santo to deliver its online annual report through theCOMMSapp™, a native turnkey app platform that enables an organization to have a native app on Apple's App Store and Google Play and to be able to push important content to its target audience. Instead of eliminating the print report completely, a highly designed brochure was created to be used as a marketing piece.


The shift to an interactive annual report and using theCOMMSapp as a distribution vehicle made the information more accessible for the on-the-go investor as it could be viewed anytime from the mobile device. The highly designed brochure simplified Espirto Santo's previous report using short concise packets of information supported by graphics, illustrations and charts making it a more enjoyable to consume marketing piece.