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Social Media Case Study

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Looking to increase brand awareness and educate consumers on the importance of eye health


VSP Vision Care, the largest vision benefit company in the U.S., provides vision insurance to 64 million Americans nationwide. VSP sought to drive insured Americans to their local optometrist’s office to utilize their benefits all while increasing national and local-market brand awareness around the company and the importance of eye health.


KCSA worked with VSP to create the Eye Healthy Cities Index that highlighted the cities where VSP members were getting the most annual eye exams. The purpose of creating the Index was to promote the importance of eye health on a national level and drive consumers to utilize their vision benefits and book annual eye exams at local optometrists. To promote the Index, KCSA developed an integrated communications program that focused on traditional public relations and social media. Key tactics included: a Facebook Program targeting the markets featured in the Index; a robust blog ambassador program, where local bloggers would share information about the campaign; as well as target market media pitching.


The campaign enabled VSP to increase local awareness in key markets, and with the help of blog ambassadors, consumers received key messages through an authentic, trustworthy voice. The Eye Healthy City Index program resulted in nearly 20 media placements and nearly 1,000 engaged users via social media. VSP was able to present company information as well as eye health information in a fun and unique format that resonated with their targeted audiences.