nvestor Relations: There's an App for That


Social networking companies are all about sharing information. So are they?

What will they think of next? At the Roth Capital conference earlier this month we saw the launch of the IR App, marketed by PR/IR firm KCSA Communications. While not the first on the market, it is apparently much cheaper and offers more functions that its current competitor. KCSA hopes to be first out of the gate. I swear I have no financial interest, but it was the talk of the conference and I just think it’s cool!

So what the app does is allows a company to encourage investors to download it. Then the company can push all its key information, financial highlights, audio and video presentations, press releases and the like, so that a regular check of the app ensures that the investor is easily up to date.

KCSA charges an issuer $2500 to set it up and then $350 a month to keep it going. Their competitor, Q4, charges more than double. I have seen this thing work and it can be a great tool for companies. You can learn more at You don’t have to be a KCSA PR/IR client to get it.

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