Corp Magazine: Investor Relations in a Mobile Society

The proliferation of apps and mobile devices has changed how we do everything, including how publicly-traded companies communicate with the people who invest in them.

More people are doing more things with their mobile devices. For public companies without an investor relations app or mobile communications strategy, this has created a new problem to consider as well as a new opportunity. Companies have an investor section of their corporate website, but for the most part it is not optimized for viewing on the small screens of iPhones or Android devices. As a result, unless they are sitting at their desktop, investors are at a loss for consuming the information they require on an immediate basis from the companies in which they have invested their hard-earned dollars.

This no longer need be the case. Apps for investor relations are an emerging category and companies creating them are setting the tone for how apps can be used as part of an investor relations programs.

What's happening in the investor relations app world is not unlike how other technologies shaped the investor relations communications over the past decades. Over the past 10 years we've watched companies meet regulations to provide all their investor relations material in an organized fashion in one discrete section of the corporate website. When social media emerged as a powerful communications tool, we watched (and are still watching) public companies grapple with and embrace strategies for harnessing these mediums. Apps now have our attention as they become a driving force in communications.

As Investor Relations (IR) apps join the ranks of offerings, there are a few things companies should consider as they map their new IR strategy.

Mobile communications strategy is critical

With investor relations, the numbers do not lie: nearly 116 million Americans will use a smartphone by the end of this year, up from 93.1 million in 2011 - and by 2016, nearly three out of every five consumers will have a smartphone, according to eMarketer, a resource on digital media, marketing and commerce.

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