KCSA Continues to Deliver Top-Tier Results

You are likely aware of our unconditional commitment to helping our clients drive dialogue and engage their audiences in a host of meaningful ways. You are also likely aware that we regularly deliver results that ensure that our clients are speaking clearly and being heard by all of their audiences. We are particularly excited with results that we have delivered for Insite Security, a growing security management firm serving corporations and high-net-worth families, and Genesis Lease Limited, the global commercial aircraft leasing company.

Please take a moment to review the New York Times articles below that KCSA secured in back-to-back weeks.

That's Why It's Called the International Date Line

John McMahon
Chief Executive
Genesis Lease Limited

NEW YORK TIMES, August 31, 2009 - EVER since I was a kid in Ireland watching jet trails disappear over the Atlantic, I dreamed of becoming part of commercial aviation. As a result of my chosen career, that wish has come true...

Always Mindful of Finding the Nearest Exit

Christopher Falkenberg
Insite Security

NEW YORK TIMES, September 7, 2009 - WHEN I travel. I am always planning for disaster. I'm not some guy who hates to fly. I actually love to fly. But I can't turn off the "what ifs" in my brain. I'm a former Secret Service agent...

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