About KCSA

A Fully Integrated Communications Consultancy

Our creative and strategic approach to communication leverages our multiple services to compliment your business, focusing on key areas like PR, IR, and Social Media to attract clients and investors while driving awareness and sales.

Public Relations that Drive Investor Awareness

We offer several services to help your business get the attention it deserves.

  • Develop strategic plans
  • Build and enhance brand reputation
  • Communicate key messages via targeted news outlets

Investor Relations that Drive Social Awareness

Our esteemed investor relations department provides services that complement your company strategy.

  • Increase visibility and sales
  • Cultivate new relationships
  • Improve communication and messaging

Social Media that Drives Public Awareness

We elevate your brand using strategic social media practices that help increase your brand awareness.

  • Craft unique stories
  • Reach wider audiences
  • Create new engagement opportunities

A Truly Integrated Communication Consultancy

Since 1969, we have been delivering a unique brand of integrated communications that combines passionate, persuasive storytelling with pioneering strategies. For decades, we have been building our reputation as one of New York City’s most entrepreneurial agencies by aligning our objectives with those of our public and private company clients. By providing expert communications counsel atop our deep platform of investor and public relations and digital media skills, we inform, inspire, and influence audiences across the globe.