Healthcare / Life Sciences / Biotech

KCSA has developed a high-value, integrated approach to supporting our Life Sciences clients based on the simple assumption that most developmental and clinical stage companies are challenged by a lack of consistent, natural news flow. Our thesis is two-fold:

(1) a lack of organic news flow (especially clinical stage companies), which we refer to as the News Flow Conundrum, (as highlighted in an IR Magazine story, “Public Relations: The Lifeline for Clinical-Stage Micro-Cap Pharma Companies,”) wreaks havoc on both public and private life sciences healthcare companies, often resulting in low valuations and a high cost of capital;

(2) for publicly-listed companies, there is a symbiotic relationship between public relations, investor relations and social media, whereby Targeted PR (industry trades, consumer / mainstream and business / finance media) can be used to raise a company’s profile and increase news flow / SEO, which can then be accessed online and shared via direct email campaigns and through social media channels to remain top-of-mind with investors.

KCSA Healthcare provides PR, social media, investor relations and capital markets fundraising support for clinical-stage, pre-commercial / commercial publicly traded / privately funded healthcare, and biotech companies. Today, roughly one-third of our client base is comprised of healthcare companies including, but not limited to, life sciences, medical devices, and telehealth companies. In addition to achieving strong results for our clients in the key medical and scientific industry trade publications, KCSA has developed the investment theses and corporate narratives for life sciences companies in order to position them as experts and thought leaders within large disease categories across their stakeholder groups.

“KCSA has made a strong name for itself is through it’s ability to expand our clients’ visibility beyond the trades, positioning life sciences companies as experts and thought leaders within large disease categories across multiple mainstream media platforms.”