Get More Eyes on Your Earnings!

Get More Eyes on Your Earnings!

January 29, 2021 Posted By: Todd Fromer

Since launching our Social Media practice at KCSA, more and more of our clients are asking how they can leverage our agency to reach investors on social media. While there are many strategies we employ to reach different investor audiences online and across several different channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, nothing has proven more effective than Twitter. 

Twitter is the perfect vehicle for conveying and surfacing all the key messaging investors are looking for at their fingertips. Since you are in control, you can package the information you want to put in front of investors, influencers and employees with just a small advertising spend, and you can reach plenty of new investors for a small cost of acquisition compared to other platforms.

So, what is the most effective strategy for engaging with investors on Twitter? Hands down, it is live tweeting earnings results. 

Twitter is where news breaks. If there is something important in your earnings results or your quarterly conference call, Twitter is amazingly positioned to rapidly boost the reach of your news. We have seen first-hand how engagement among investor audiences doubles or triples when our clients ‘live tweet’ their earnings results. There are several reasons for this, but the two main reasons why live tweeting has become so effective are anticipation and influence.

Letting your audience know that you will be live tweeting earnings can go a long way in building anticipation for your results which helps ensure consumption of earnings call content. Your investors, employees and other stakeholders will retweet their favorite tweets from your earnings call, spreading the news much more broadly than a mere press release or conference call could ever achieve.

One of the key elements of successfully live tweeting is ensuring that you have created the tweets ahead of time, so they can be reviewed by your legal counsel. While this may sound daunting or costly, it isn’t. At KCSA, we pull content directly from your earnings release and conference call script to ensure that tweets are pre-approved prior to being posted.

Another key strategy we employ for most of our investor-focused social media clients is creating look-alike audiences. Using the latest social media tools, we identify investors that currently follow your peers or competitors and create a look-alike audience to promote your earnings results to these users directly. This helps bring new investors and influencers to the fold.

If you have not explored Twitter as a channel for investor communication, what are you waiting for? More and more companies are investing in social media strategies and if I were a public company CEO competing for capital in a crowded market, I would use every tool available to increase reach and awareness.