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Financial and Professional Services Practice

KCSA understands that strong reputation management and executive visibility programs are essential for firms attempting to rise above the industry buzz and drone. Whether it is a fintech outfit in hypergrowth mode or an established consultancy, KCSA has the talent and experience to deliver results. We have developed integrated strategic communications and capital markets programs – that is public relations, investor relations, social media, and capital introduction – for clients of all sizes (startups to multibillion-dollar asset managers and global firms). KCSA has experience working across the entire financial services ecosystem, including venture capital, private equity, law firms, consultancies, banks, asset managers and financial advisors, financial groups, and high net worth organizations. 

Providing Executive Visibility and Media Strategy

Our Financial and Professional Services Practice is led by Managing Director Jonathan Goldberg, who hails from broadcast journalism starting his career at ESPN, followed by Fox News Channel, and ultimately becoming one of the co-creators of CNBC's Fast Money. Leveraging Jon’s expertise and our Media Relations team, KCSA places our clients on segments at top-tier broadcast outlets such as CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business, often multiple times a week.

Positioning Our Financial and Professional Services

We Turn Our Clients into Thought Leaders
Leveraging our executive visibility strategies, bolstered by our topflight broadcast media footprint, we develop our clients’ brand identity and visibility by publishing regular thought leadership underpinned by data. The results are powerful, and everyone benefits – our clients and their executives become thought leaders, their brand and executive visibility increases, and their corporate reputation strengthens. Clients use this thought leadership to communicate to their target audiences, and if published on a cadenced basis, stakeholders become habituated and eagerly anticipate receiving this information. Key print and broadcast media such as WSJ, Yahoo Finance, CNBC, and Fox Business have become go-to recipients of data from our clients, often reaching out in advance of publication to ensure they receive it. This is how we think at KCSA and as a result, top tier media consistently cover our clients. 

Case Studies


Our client was in search of a strategic communications program that would dramatically increase its corporate visibility, investor awareness, and brand recognition as the global leader in expert insights on China’s digital consumer. It also wanted to supplement its program with an executive visibility program for its CEO, as well as several of its Shanghai-based analysts.


  • KCSA built a comprehensive global communications strategy, emphasizing a strong focus on media relations.
  • KCSA created a compelling messaging platform as a foundational first step for our client, and now manages all major initiatives, milestones, and launches. 
  • Specific to media relations, KCSA developed a captivating international strategy that is top-tier-focused, supplemented with outreach to the largest local Chinese newspaper, South China Morning Post.


  • Our client’s holistic media strategy has yielded more high-quality print media and broadcast coverage for its research than a firm 4X its size would typically receive.
  • KCSA established our client as an important resource for journalists covering Chinese tech companies. We have created substantive long-term journalist relationships for our client, and its CEO and analysts to sustain consistent coverage in key publications on a quarterly basis, leading to significant boosts in executive and corporate visibility.
  • As such, our client’s quarterly earnings analysis is regularly covered by:
    • CNBC
    • The Wall Street Journal
    • Financial Times
    • Bloomberg
    • Forbes
    • Reuters
    • South China Morning Post


After a significant acquisition, our client needed to create and define a market for cloud treasury and finance solutions targeting CFOs and Financial Planning & Analysis executives. To do this, KCSA designed a strategic communications program that would increase its corporate visibility and brand recognition as the global leader in cloud treasury and finance solutions. KCSA supplemented its program with executive visibility components for its Chief Strategy and Chief Client Officers to assist in client acquisition. 


  • KCSA created a comprehensive global communications strategy, emphasizing a strong focus on media relations.
  • KCSA developed compelling messaging for our client’s stakeholders and manages all major Company initiatives, milestones, and launches. 
  • Specific to media relations, KCSA developed a top-tier print and broadcast focused strategy, supplemented by key trade coverage. KCSA has developed substantive journalist relationships for our client and its Chief Strategy Officer, resulting in sustained consistent coverage in key publications.
  • KCSA also helped create a quarterly report identifying the impact of currency volatility on multinational corporations. Included in the report were the most frequently impacted sectors, the most frequently mentioned currencies on earnings calls, and the total admitted revenue lost due to currency volatility. This report now has a consistent following by top-tier media.


  • KCSA’s holistic media strategy secured outsized media coverage at a level at par with what a publicly-traded bank might experience.
        • We have turned our client’s Chief Strategy Officer into a subject matter expert for top-tier, broadcast, and print publications, significantly boosting his executive visibility and our client’s corporate visibility.
        • Consistent over multiple years, KCSA has secured 15-20 television appearances for the CSO annually (CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business Network) as the leading resource for the impact currency moves will have on multinational corporations.
        • The CSO is also a source for top-tier print publications, such as the WSJ, on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Our client’s Currency Impact Report is now covered by:
    • The Wall Street Journal’s CFO Journal on a quarterly basis.
    • The Financial Times, Bloomberg, and Reuters on a frequent basis. 
    • CFO-focused outlets including The Global Treasurer, Treasury & Risk, and Treasury Today frequently. 
    • KCSA’s strategic media approach has ultimately boosted our client’s new business efforts.

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