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KCSA Healthcare provides PR, social media, investor relations and capital markets fundraising support for clinical-stage, pre-commercial / commercial publicly traded / privately funded healthcare, and biotech companies. Today, roughly one-third of our client base is comprised of healthcare companies including, but not limited to, life sciences, medical devices, and telehealth companies. In addition to achieving strong results for our clients in the key medical and scientific industry trade publications, KCSA has developed the investment theses and corporate narratives for life sciences companies in order to position them as experts and thought leaders within large disease categories across their stakeholder groups.

Case Studies


  • Stem cell client engaged KCSA to assist with introductions to the institutional investment community; the goal for financing at higher valuation within the year.

Strategies / Tactics:

  • Overhauled investor relations (IR) program through a new messaging strategy to educate the market on client’s business model.
  • Secured conference participation.
  • Arranged non-deal roadshows and 1x1 conference call introductions.


  • 467 buy-side introductions (with feedback).
  • 55 or 12% of buy-side introductions took a 1x1 meeting or call.
  • An additional 50 or 11% expressed an interest in a 1x1 meeting or call with management in the future.
  • 105 or 23% took at 1x1 call/meeting or are pending a call/meeting.
  • Two funds whom KCSA connected with management filed publicly their ownership.
  • During engagement, management closed on an underwritten equity financing for $20 million.


  • Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged KCSA to develop and execute a targeted communications program highlighting its science and clinical success, which helped raise the company’s profile amongst key target audiences and acted as a vehicle to support its capital markets activities.

Strategies / Tactics:

  • KCSA successfully launched a two-stage communications program that executed on the following:
    • Stage I: Comms. plan was primarily geared toward raising the company’s profile with the scientific community.
    • Stage II: Comms. plan capitalized on the success of our science and trade-focused comms program to increase the company’s profile with top-tier business/finance media.


  • Established deep relationships with key scientific trades and financial media.
  • Positioned the CEO as a go-to resource for the media and highlighted the company’s unique approach to cancer treatment.


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