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KCSA clients sit at the center of media, advertising and technology. These multi-faceted businesses rely on communications to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace, support sales efforts and showcase their leadership. For more than a decade, KCSA has honed its expertise in media and advertising, working with companies in digital, connected TV (CTV)/over-the-top (OTT) and digital out-of-home (DOOH). Our team of subject-matter experts work with our clients to carve-out and define new categories of advertising innovation, highlight market-moving trends and tell their stories of success and innovation through the media, at major industry events and via social.

Case Studies


One of our clients is an advertising technology company operating in a burgeoning advertising personalization sector. While many companies claim to offer ad personalization, our client’s technology, breadth of Fortune 500 clients and management team really sets the company apart. However, garnering significant media attention during the pandemic was challenging as advertising reporters were focused on covering the dramatic impact of the coronavirus.  


To help our client differentiate itself from its peers and showcase its market-strength during this time -- while taking into account the tone and context of the global pandemic -- KCSA developed a thought leadership campaign that consisted of the following tactics:

  • Digital Event: KCSA brought together a key client from Anheuser-Busch, along with our client’s CEO and an industry pundit to talk about Creativity in a Time of Crisis. 
  • KCSA also worked with our client team to develop several high-value articles that were placed in key media outlets that spoke directly to key buyers of our client’s ad products including marketers, agencies and e-commerce professionals.


The campaign allowed our client to stay front-and-center during the pandemic while offering current and potential clients with news they could use: 

  • The webinar not only generated significant live attendance but was then repurposed through marketing efforts via social media and email campaigns, extending the “shelf-life of the event. Key insights from the event were then shared with relevant media to nurture existing relationships.
  • Articles appeared in the likes of AdAge, ClickZ and Retail Touchpoints and were repurposed on social media.


One of our client’s events is the only event that brings together incumbent and disruptor streaming media/brands and is the only marketplace that looks at content, consumers, and technology as equally important. Billions of dollars are transacted as a result of our client’s event each year.

Originally, this event was planned to take place the week of April 27, 2020. However, given the COVID-19 global pandemic, and shelter-in-place orders, the event was revamped and moved to June 22, 2020 for its first-ever virtual format.


KCSA worked closely with our client’s events team and created a transparent and regular cadence of industry updates so that all stakeholders felt informed at all times. 

  • Leveraged our client’s blog to regularly distribute updates vs. distributing news on the wire.
  • Worked closely with reporters prior to updates being made so they had ample time to write stories. 
  • Leveraged our client’s CEO and research to showcase how the industry was still investing in streaming despite the pandemic.
  • Created opportunities to highlight our client’s key messages about their role in creating this event.


  • KCSA secured nearly 350 pieces of media coverage about the event from Feb-June in top tier, business and adtech trade publications. In those pieces of coverage, our client was mentioned close 456 times.
  • During the week of the event, there were more than 200 stories across more than 50 publications from The New York Times to Adweek and AdAge, as well as The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Deadline.
  • Nearly 50 reporters from top tier, business, media/advertising and technology outlets attended the event.

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