KCSA’s psychedelics and mental healthcare practice provides PR, social media, investor relations and capital markets fundraising support for clinical-stage, pre-commercial / commercial publicly traded / privately funded companies focused on leveraging psychedelic medicine to treat disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). Today, we represent nearly a dozen companies in this space, and focus exclusively on companies working towards a clinical, regulated offering to treat patients.

For years, KCSA has leveraged our expertise in clinical and broad-based healthcare to support companies in this fast-evolved, yet nascent space.  Our dedication to best-in-breed communications has allowed us to work with the leading organizations on the forefront of clinical research, as well as clinical application of these molecules.

As we do with all our public companies clients, KCSA has developed the investment theses and corporate narratives for CNS-focused companies in order to position them as experts and thought leaders within large disease categories across their stakeholder groups.

Case Studies


Field Trip Health, an early-stage clinic company was looking to raise capital and create a public facing brand to drive traffic into soon-to-be launched psychedelic assisted psychotherapy clinics

Strategies / Tactics:

  • Create a first mover advantage by planting the first stake in the ground
  • Generate a steady stream of press coverage
  • Position the company and its leadership as leaders in the nascent for-profit psychedelic industry


  • Field Trip closed an over-subscribed private round raising tens of millions of dollars
  • The Company completed a successful RTO on the CSE and completed an over subscribed bought deal
  • Field Trip has generated more than 100 pieces of earned media over the past 2 years
  • The Company’s first CEO was the first psychedelic executive to be interviewed live, on-camera on CNBC
  • Field Trip is viewed as a leader in the industry by peers, investors and the media

Let’s Strategize Together

Lewis Goldberg

Managing Partner