Social & Digital Media

Strategize Your Message

In the current communications landscape, social media is critical for success. At KCSA, our Digital and Social Media team is always focused on the bottom line, developing social strategies that ladder back to key business objectives and are embedded with research, infused with creativity and optimized with data. Our dedicated team is integrated with our investor and public relations practices to ensure a holistic communications approach that further amplifies all owned, earned and paid content.

Cultivate New Audiences Using Effective Social Content

Our strategic approach to social media allows our clients to deepen their relationships with key stakeholders and influencers through ongoing engagements.

  • Engaging messaging
  • Community Management
  • Creative campaign development

Address Shareholder Interests Via Engaging Social Posts

Our investor relations team leverages strong media and financial relationships, as well as creative media strategies to help secure new opportunities for our clients.

  • Material news writing
  • IPO programs
  • Unique strategy and messaging platform

Attract Investor Interest by Sharing Press Releases on Social Media

Our team of media professionals develops optimized strategies to surround audiences with strategic messaging that strengthen our clients’ brand reputation.

  • Critical message development
  • Thought leadership
  • Crisis communications

Content & Channels Strategies

KCSA develops strategies that include the right channel mix and content approach to reach relevant audiences with engaging messaging where they are already active. Following the fluidity of social activity, our team takes a structured, yet nimble, approach to channel management and social copywriting that incorporates your main messages, while also keeping a steady pulse on real-time conversations for engagement opportunities.

Campaign Development & Copywriting

Whether we are live tweeting your earnings conference call, positioning your C-Suite executives on LinkedIn as experts or launching a creative campaign to attract new customers, KCSA has deep experience with clients across a variety of industries. Our team develops engaging social posts and designed rich media assets to help companies maintain an active online presence, break through the clutter and continuously provide value to followers.

Influencer Relations

In today’s digital landscape, the catalysts that build brands, drive sales and generate investor engagement transcend traditional communications channels. Internet personalities, advocacy groups, online media and affinity groups are the new engines of influence. Our integrated account teams draw on relationships in online and offline media to help identify, engage and leverage the unique influencers that can help make your digital marketing efforts a success.

Community Management

Adapting content and responses for each social media channel and specific audience segment is the lynchpin to successful social media management. Our team develops and employs monitoring and response protocols for proactive reputation management and to ensure consistent brand interaction. Our clients trust us to manage their entire social media presence, a responsibility we take very seriously.Our community managers are well-rounded professionals with skills in copywriting, design, photography and videography.


Metrics matter. Knowing how a campaign actually influences an audience and what that audience has done is the only way to prove our value, as such Accountability is our credo at KCSA. Every client receives detailed monthly recap reports that highlight our efforts and performance, including measurable results for each channel and social post to help optimize and inform future content planning. We understand that meeting your business objectives on time and on a budget is how you will be judged by your stakeholders and therefore, we hold ourselves to the same standards.