MJBizCon – KCSA’s Success by the Numbers

MJBizCon – KCSA’s Success by the Numbers

Posted By: Anne Donohoe

With the largest trade show in Cannabis – the annual Marijuana Business Conference in Las Vegas -  behind us, KCSA conducted a deep dive to see just how much all of our hard work paid off.

With the cannabis stocks struggling, and companies dealing with a broken banking system and cash crunches, the industry itself has faced hard sledding. That said, the prevailing feeling amongst the six KCSA team members on site was a pleasant feeling of surprise driven by the sheer number of people at the show (35,000+) and the positive energy emitting from the show floor.

Sometimes as “insiders” we get stuck in one “lane” of this business, that it takes a conference like this to show the cannabis industry in a different light - one that really shines the spotlight on entrepreneurs and advocates out there who are putting the pedal to the metal and and killing it every day.

In between the staffing of media meetings (50+), investor meetings (50+), new business meetings (too many to count!), The Green Rush team was front and center at Podcasters Row where we interviewed industry LEGENDS Steve and Andrew DeAngelo, Former Senator and Majority Leader from South Dakota Tom Daschle, Financial powerhouse Emily Paxhia from Poseidon Asset Management, CEO of the Cannabis Securities Exchange (errr… I mean the CANADIAN Securities Exchange) Richard Carleton, Marketwatch Reporter Max Cherney, and Brad Natress from UrbanGro, THE expert in cultivation system design and integration.

This infographic represents only a snapshot of the months and months of hard work and planning put in by the KCSA Cannabis Team! Congrats to all on a great show!

Here are just a few highlights:

Lewis Goldberg, Anne Donohoe, Tom Daschle, Marijuana Business Conference, MJBiz Con

Lewis Goldberg, Anne Donohoe, Steve DeAngelo, Andrew DeAngelo, Marijuana Business Conference, MJBiz Con

Marijuana Business Conference, MJBiz Con

Marijuana Business Conference, MJBiz Con

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