2020 JPMorgan Healthcare Conference Doesn’t Disappoint

2020 JPMorgan Healthcare Conference Doesn’t Disappoint

Posted By: Jeffrey Goldberger

As I settle into my seat aboard a red-eye (I promised myself I'd never do this again - another broken promise to self ??) return flight from the JPMorgan Annual Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, I finally have time to reflect on another successful event for KCSA. Over the past 5 years, we've worked hard to solidify our name in the healthcare sector; I am pleased to report that our collective hard work is paying off.  

Once again, hunkered down at our (un)official SF headquarters at the mid-market location of WeWork, occupying three conference rooms which served dual-purposes – utilized by our clients to host buy- and sell-side, investment banking and business development meetings and by KCSA to support our new business efforts.

From as early as 6:30am to well into the evening, the on-ground team of Valter Pinto, Allison Soss, Daniela Guerrero and yours truly, ran from meeting to meeting and event to event. Spirits remained high throughout our time in Sunny San Francisco (we actually got lucky with the weather this year), which resulted in happy clients and successful new business meetings for KCSA.  

In addition to thanking this team, I want to also express our most sincere gratitude to the East Coast Team, namely our Capital Markets Team of Kristi Papanikolaw, Tim Regan, Chuck Whitman and Janine Colon, and the PR and IR teams for setting up fantastic meetings for our clients and making sure the wheels stayed on the bus.

Collectively, our proactive outreach efforts resulted in more than 50 1x1 meetings for our clients with institutions, funds, family offices and professional investors. The access our clients gained to this broad buy-side audience is a testament not only to our internal network and capital markets experience, but also the quality of our client portfolio.

We also want to give a big shout out to Caitlin Kasunich, a key driver of the success of our healthcare practice, who unfortunately had to bail on the trip last minute due to the flu; rest assured, we represented her well. 

On a personal note, what I find most exciting about KCSA's Healthcare practice is that we have the honor of working with companies challenging the status quo and making significant contributions to the overall healthcare system. At its core, this is what the entire JPM conference is all about - eradicating disease, improving lives and giving people hope. While many of our clients are industry and/or next-generation leaders in their respective areas of work, without hesitation, I view our healthcare clients as true game-changers whose collective work has the potential to positively impact of millions of lives. 

Each successive year our internal and client experience becomes more and more valuable during this intense week. Next year I am confident this trend will continue. Thank you again to our fellow KCSA team members who made this possible.