We’ve All Leaned In, and The Future is Female – Both Inside and Outside of KCSA

We’ve All Leaned In, and The Future is Female – Both Inside and Outside of KCSA

October 30, 2020 Posted By: Caitlin Kasunich

Growing up in Pittsburgh, for as long as I can remember, my parents pushed me to be a self-sufficient, ambitious, competitive woman. From constantly trying to beat my older brothers at video games to interning as a staff writer for the national men’s hockey team during college, I always wanted to be just as good as, or even better, than all of the boys.

Fast-forward to today, and little has changed: having spent the past several years working in public relations at KCSA, I realize that a big reason for my continued job happiness has come from the substantial level of respect and admiration that women are treated across the board at our firm. It’s easy to see that female empowerment at KCSA is real and, more importantly, recognized. Not surprisingly, a recent internal staff review revealed that 61 percent of KCSA's current employees and 60 percent of the senior management team are women. 

This sustained, underlying passion to see women succeed is not only reflected in our employees, but it’s also evident in our growing client base. Recently, spanning many diverse industries that include healthcare and technology, KCSA has carved out an unofficial, yet significant, practice representing successful female entrepreneurs. Quite simply, each of these women is killing it in her own way 24 hours a day, seven days a week – whether she’s trying to find a cure for cancer, fighting for pay equity at Fortune 500 corporations or redefining how we think about brands and services across industries. These women are relentlessly pushing for what they believe in, with an overarching vision to make a positive, lasting impact on the world.

Countless women around the globe continue to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling, and the same goes for the women of KCSA. I have learned everything that I know from my KCSA work sisters, including Danielle DeVoren, Anne Donohoe and one of my best friends and bridesmaids, the brilliant Kate Tumino. The bottom line is that motivated, passionate workers – both women and men – find ways to support one another and make a difference in their professional and personal lives. The key is our ongoing commitment to listening to different members of the team and opening ourselves up to new perspectives and ideas.

I am beyond thrilled that KCSA continues to commit itself to positioning women and their accomplishments front and center, both inside and outside of the firm. While being the only woman in the room is thankfully becoming less and less of the norm these days, it’s vital that we all come together to elevate the conversation even further and drive real, meaningful change in how women are viewed, treated and empowered in society.

The future really is female.